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Anlu's New Rise as the Capital of Grain, Oil and Machinery

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  • Release time: 2024-04-30

As a sub sector of agricultural machinery, the grain and oil machinery industry is an important component of the high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, which is one of the seven strategic emerging industries of the country. "Last year, Anlu City was awarded the title of 'Capital of China's Grain and Oil Machinery'," said Liu Min, the Mayor of Anlu City in Hubei Province. "The grain and oil machinery industry is one of the four pillar industries in Anlu City. In recent years, the grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu City has developed rapidly. Last year, the output value of the grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu accounted for more than one-third of the national market. In the future, Anlu's grain and oil machinery exports will also be at the forefront of the domestic market."

The glory of the past

China has a large population and a high demand for grain. In 2011, the total grain production in China reached 57.121 million tons. These abundant grain and oil resources provide an important material foundation and huge market capacity for the development of China's grain and oil machinery industry.

The grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu City can now dominate the domestic market, with its products selling well both domestically and internationally. This is closely related to China's previous strategy of vigorously developing the backbone of grain and oil machinery manufacturing in China.

According to Wang Ruiyuan, Vice President of the China Grain Industry Association, China's grain and oil machinery industry has gone through half a century of development since its construction in 1958. In 1965, China implemented a planned relocation plan for key enterprises in coastal cities. The Shanghai Grain Machinery Factory directly under the Ministry of Grain relocated to Anlu County, Hubei Province, and the Beijing Grain Machinery Factory relocated to Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, ultimately forming seven grain machinery factories directly under the Ministry of Grain, including Anlu and Changzhi. This laid the foundation for the future development of China's grain and oil machinery manufacturing industry.

It is reported that at that time, the grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu held an important position in the domestic grain and oil machinery industry. The first brand of Chinese grain and oil machinery, "Dongfanghong" brand grain machinery, which was born in Anlu, had already become famous both domestically and internationally, and its products were exported to more than 30 countries including Southeast Asia. Former State Councilor Song Jian once wrote "Grain Machinery Goes from Here to the World" during his inspection of Dongfanghong Grain Machinery Company. Now, this building has become a must visit attraction for domestic and foreign merchants entering Anlu on National Highway 316.

Although the grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu achieved tremendous development, it still faced many development challenges in the 1980s and 1990s, such as the lack of unified organizational management, insufficient independent research and development capabilities, and the need to improve innovation capabilities. The competitiveness of products in the high-end market was not strong, which was also a reflection of the difficulties faced by China's grain and oil machinery industry at that time.

In the 1990s, in order to solve and overcome the historical burdens and shortcomings in management mechanisms of state-owned enterprises, the national grain regulatory department carried out management and ownership reforms on the original state-owned grain and oil industry, including the grain and oil machinery industry. With the continuous deepening of the reforms, China's grain and oil machinery industry has undergone fundamental changes. During the reform, Anlu City has relied on the talent resources, technical strength, and brand accumulation of the old Anlu Grain Machinery Factory for decades, and has successively produced a large number of new and excellent grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises.

New Rise

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and application of high, precision, and cutting-edge processing methods in China's grain and oil machinery industry, not only has the surface smoothness and smoothness of products been almost the same as advanced foreign equipment, but the internal quality has also been greatly improved. Nowadays, a considerable number of grain and oil machinery products in our country have approached or reached the advanced level of similar foreign products in terms of performance and economic and technical indicators.

At present, Anlu City in Hubei Province has developed into the most important grain machinery processing and manufacturing base in China, and the rise of Yongxiang grain machinery is just a microcosm of the new rise of Anlu's grain and oil machinery industry. At present, the grain and oil machinery industry in Anlu has undergone restructuring and has produced 34 private grain and machinery enterprises, including Yongxiang, Bishan, Tianxing, Shunchang, and Tianming, with an annual output value of over 1 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the national market share. Anlu has become the largest grain and machinery industry city in China. In May 2010, Anlu City was awarded the title of "National Torch Plan Hubei Anlu Grain Machinery Characteristic Industry Base" by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. In May 2011, Anlu City was awarded the title of "Capital of Grain and Oil Machinery in China" by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association.

Liu Min stated that Anlu grain and oil machinery products have become popular both domestically and internationally. In order to expand the export of Anlu grain and oil machinery products, the Anlu Municipal Government actively implements the national export tax rebate policy, increases financial and tax support, and adds new impetus to the development of the Anlu grain and oil industry.

With the accelerated cultivation and development of seven strategic emerging industries during the 12th Five Year Plan period, as well as increased investment in funds and technology, the future development potential of Anlu's grain and oil machinery industry is enormous.

The company adheres to the principle of social responsibility and the business strategy of "three reliance and three directions", that is, attracting customers through taste, retaining customers through quality, and developing customers through brand; To seek efficiency from scale, efficiency from management, and effectiveness from the team, we strive to explore new forms of security services and continuously expand new areas of security services. The company currently has a security team of nearly 1700 people, consisting of 5 senior security guards as the core, forming an efficient, high-quality, standardized, and professional management and service team. The company has a security headquarters in Dunkou, a marketing center in Hanjie, and four branch offices. There are 8 security brigades under the headquarters, and 1 inspection team and 1 special service team have been established. At the same time, an alarm monitoring center and an intelligent security center have been established to provide comprehensive services such as security guards, patrols, guardianship, security checks, regional order maintenance, safety assessment, security planning, large-scale security, alarm monitoring, intelligent security, front-end etiquette, property management, etc. for more than 100 clients in Hubei Province, including domestic and foreign institutions, groups, financial departments, foreign-funded enterprises, office buildings, hotels, entertainment venues, residential communities, SOHO, etc., making an indelible contribution to maintaining social order stability and showcasing the security style of the new era.



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